What would deciding to embrace your imperfections feel like?

Like, not just acknowledge and accept them. But savourrrr them. Show up for them. Own them. Share them.

And then let it go… (The shame. The guilt. The self-judgement. Yes, all the fun stuff!).

What amazing things could you DO and BE? What IS that thing that holds us all back from * the greatness we have inside us?

*because I know you have it (and so do I).

So often I think it’s A FEAR OF BEING SEEN.

And yet, the wild irony is that who we truly are – THAT is our superpower (thanks Kanye). The exact source of our uniqueness. It’s our complexity that makes us interested and interesting. Our flaws and our vulnerabilities – our supposed imperfections – are the very thing that make us real and raw and human. Shared, they help build empathy and connection and understanding…

And change lives.

I love this quote from the queen herself, Oprah –

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures”


(we love you O)

And – we can only start to give ourselves the grace and the space to have that confidence in ourselves when we let go of the fear of being seen.

Accept your perfectly imperfect self.

I’ve been thinking about these ideas a lot this week as I’ve been preparing to write a talk I put my hand up to give. Firstly, because the topic I chose to present about is the idea of personal branding (what even is it and why does it matter and how can you do it and all of those other questions // yes I have them too) + secondly, (and possibly more poignantly) because I have never given a 30 minute talk before. In my life. Ever.

Oh fuck. The nerves.

And also because, in all honesty, there are big chunks of time in my life where I personally, dear reader, know I‘ve been scared of being seen. In my own life; Professionally. Personally. Creatively.

And then the overthinking steps in. And perfectionism. And self-doubt. And then we’re all screwed * insert mad cackle * ahaha

But you know what takes my nerves away?

Being okay with it not being perfect. Embracing the fact that my talk won’t be TED talk-worthy but that that’s okay and that I’ll be okay. Even if I stumble or lose my place or don’t know the answer to every question. Even if I make jokes no one laughs at (except for me lol). Exhibit A.

So basically, this is a post to say it’s okay to be scared.

But it’s not really okay to hide from yourself and/or hide yourself from the world. Because WE NEED YOU! And the adventures you can take us on.

Please share this post if you yourself are perfectly imperfect + imperfectly perfect. And ready to embrace it.

Love, AM. x

Embracing our imperfections

Embracing our imperfections