In today’s episode, I AM returns – after an extended pause initiated by the death of George Floyd and the timely uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement – with a conversation about allyship. I’m talking to Allie Weber, curve model and up-and-coming young activist in her own right, about the importance of showing up […]

At 5’2” today’s guest has made her mark on the fashion industry with unique passion, punch and personality. Zoe Elyse’s stellar modelling career has challenged many mainstream norms so it felt pretty cool that before we sat down for this remotely-recorded conversation where we discuss body-diversity, representation, how she got into modelling & the changing […]

Welcome to I AM. the podcast & the journal. I’m kicking off the premiere season with American beauty and LA-based model Chloe Belle who I photographed in LA a few months back. In this episode, recorded during the time of Covid-19 self-isolation, we talk about body confidence, the hard reality of eating disorders, life in […]

I start a brand new job today – podcast host!  I had been working away with this project quietly developing in the background for over a year, but it really did take the arrival of an unexpected pandemic and the chaos-turned-quiet that ensued to ultimately bring it to life. Amidst all of the crazy that […]