Hi, I'm Amber Melody.

Professional photographer, coffee-lover, and the founder of Bangalow's first portrait studio.

Before opening Amber Melody Portrait Studio I was an art editor, magazine designer (Vogue, GQ, Tatler, The Guardian UK) and fashion photographer looking to do good things in the world. So I took everything I knew about creating and curating beautiful images - about fashion and styling and body confidence, the magic of great lighting and the secrets of good editing, and I built a business dedicated to shining light on the beauty in EVERY body. 

The women you see on this website are the women in your community. They are busy mothers, artists, business owners, grandmas, daughters, students and teachers. They are not models. They are women who walked into my studio feeling a little nervous and walked out feeling amazing. 

People seek me out as a way to reconnect with themselves or because they already know that their uniqueness is worth honouring. They invest in themselves through my work.

I want to honour your authentic spirit. And I want you to exist in beautiful photographs that represent your legacy for all time. I LOVE what I get to do. I capture beauty; the beauty every single person naturally possesses. And I'd love to see you in my studio!




Amber. x